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Personalities of the IPA: Open-Vowels

Written by Julia Megret

Hi guys! This is the last post for the vowels before we move on to see what type of people the consonants are. Today we’ll be looking into the closed vowels. We already covered the closed vowels, closed-mid, and open-mid vowels, so make sure to check those out as well!


  • Always taking selfies throughout the day

  • Basically a micro-influencer at this point

  • Knows what’s up

  • Only listens to pop music or whatever is trending


  • Always knows the right answers in the homework

  • Carries a big backpack whenever on campus

  • Maybe it’s bricks, maybe it’s Maybelline (JK)

  • Keeps to themselves but is really nice


  • Sighing just because

  • Gym bro vibes (?)

  • Has a dedicated social media account just for fitness

  • Carries one of those big ass water bottles


  • Yea no, you completely forgot they’re in your class

  • Dropped off the face of earth for a while

  • Just comes for the exams but somehow still passes

  • Honestly, no one knows anything about them


  • The one that complains all the time

  • Like that classmate that just opposes anything and actually speaks up about it

  • Competitive

  • Pros: them questioning you will make you think pretty critically about your opinion

  • Cons: it gets annoying at some point


  • Old money vibes

  • Doesn’t talk about family much

  • Will occasionally drop a fact about their childhood that screams rich

  • Rumor has it that their family owns the land that the university was built on

Thanks for reading!

Cover Photo by Abir Sultan “redemption of the firstborn donkey” (May 13, 2009)


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