Brittany Daize
Sasha Damonte

Domonkos Király

Cláudia Pinto

Sinja Wojnarowicz Stentoft

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A warm welcome from Kat-blad (Katern Algemene Taalwetenschap blad) - the UvA linguistics student magazine! Kat-blad was founded in the 1970s, then called Sat-blad, and has since grown to be available online! Twice a year we release a new issue of Kat-blad filled with diverse content ranging across all areas of linguistics. Check out our past issues to learn more about the latest linguistic news, fascinating language phenomena, and current ongoing research at the UvA by well-known professors and fellow students! In the past, we have also hosted multiple Qué Taal fundraising events where we give you a crash course on the basics of a lesser-known language from good-to-know greetings to must-know swearing. Our latest issue even includes an interactive Qué Taal on Ukrainian! And if you have a burning language-related topic, we'd love to hear from you and publish your work in upcoming issues!