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Personalities of the IPA: Close Vowels

Updated: Dec 8, 2022

Written by Julia Megret

Hi guys! As the weather is getting colder, this week we have a fun post for you guys! In this new series, we will be personifying the IPA! To start off, we’ll be looking at close vowels.


  • The extrovert that everybody loves

  • Probably the type of person with a gazillion highlighters

  • Can’t play sports even if their life depended on it though but they try

  • Literal sunshine cause they are always smiling


  • The quiet friend in the group but knows all the tea cause they listen so much

  • Knows enough to blackmail people

  • The thought has definitely crossed their mind a few times

  • The one that gets good grades but uses it to their advantage to get out of trouble

  • Has a weakness for cutting onions though


  • Clumsy AF

  • But they will always laugh it off because they are so used to it already

  • Scared of bugs

  • No one would know until a fly comes waltzing in

  • Honestly, flies might as well be their spirit animal cause they keep hitting the wall next to the door as well


  • The one that made family trauma their personality

  • Will stop to pet every. Single. Cat. they see

  • Skips class but somehow always at the top of their class

  • Probably wears a beanie with everything

  • Definitely not a morning person


  • The mysterious one, you know of them but you don’t know them

  • Would pop up sometimes in the most unexpected places

  • Like bam your favourite cafe and now you’re kinda nervous to go again

  • “Looks like they can kill you, is a cinnamon bun”

  • Teddy bear vibes


  • Probably did choir

  • Extroverted introvert

  • A sad drunk unless you hug them

  • Lives for pizza

  • Would always pick dare in truth or dare


  • Somehow people always confused them for [i] and [ɛ]

  • At this point, it doesn’t bother them anymore

  • They probably always forget their wallet and have to ask their friends to pay (but it’s chill cause they always pay them back)

  • Plays an instrument and definitely won’t be humble about it


  • Always confused

  • Like, confused in general

  • They have no idea what is going on most of the time

  • You all know them for something else though

  • They would be that one person that asks a follow-up question even though the class was supposed to end 10 minutes ago


  • Probably that person that no one remembers exactly how they look

  • Keeps to themselves mostly cause they’re a bit shy

  • Still best friends with that one person since first grade

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