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Personalities of the IPA: Open-Mid Vowels

Written by Julia Megret

Hey guys! This is the third post for our IPA personification series. If you haven’t read the previous two posts, here are the links for the first and the second post. Now without further ado, the open-mid vowels!


  • Won’t take anything seriously or to the heart

  • Animal lover

  • Remember how o will always show you pictures of their dog? Well ɛ here will make you show them pictures of your pets

  • Cuteness aggression for all animals


  • Artsy but in a chic way

  • Either into gossip or not interested at all, no in between

  • Always up to the latest fashion trends

  • Very sassy


  • The person who downloads a third-party app just to have a colourful keyboard on their phones

  • Probably into anime

  • And even had THAT haircut as a teen

  • Can definitely name all the pokemon


  • Cozy vibes

  • The one who always bakes and brings goodies to class for everyone

  • They’re like the warm sun on a winter day

  • Might or might not threaten to stab you with their knitting needles


  • Macho

  • But will moan in a very high pitch in the background when you are on a call with ANYONE

  • Their dream dog is probably a chihuahua and will name it princess


  • Survives on caffeine I’m telling you

  • Really into the victorian aesthetic

  • Listens to classical music

  • Will always buy the physical textbook


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