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Personalities of the IPA: Close-Mid Vowels

Written by Julia Megret

Hey guys! We’re back with another IPA personification post! This time we’ll be looking at the close-mid vowels and their close relative – the schwa.


  • The athletic one that wears a baseball cap all the time.

  • The one who always brings the beer. And only that one brand.

  • Gives off major mommy-issue vibes.


  • Always the designated driver.

  • If they have to choose a flavour, it’ll always be chocolate.

  • Will do anything for food.


  • Rowdy.

  • “Hey bro” type of guy.

  • But will cry if you show him sad animal videos.

  • Especially that one where the raccoon washed its cotton candy :’(


  • Gets distracted so easily.

  • Has been compared to a panda more than once (because of their dark eye circles lol).

  • Has no idea about the future but bro’s just riding the tide.

  • Somehow not dead yet.


  • Was forced to play the piano as a kid but loves it now.

  • Volunteers to play in elderly homes and hospitals.

  • Somehow seen as the family disappointment??

  • Major workaholic vibes (I’m telling you).


  • Loud AF.

  • The one that voluntarily answers questions and presents for the whole group.

  • Bops their head to imaginary music.

  • Will show you pictures of their dog even if you didn’t ask them to.


  • Unbothered.

  • The most chill dude you’ll ever meet.

  • Will wink at everyone except their crush.

  • Cause they’re shy ok?

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