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Hate Wordle? Here are 21 other word and language games!

Updated: Nov 29, 2022

Written by Zoe Jensen

We all know the feeling…40 hours of school work a week just isn’t enough to satisfy our linguistic needs! Some of you have been playing Wordle every day for months now and are just tired of it. Even with different versions (be sure to check out our previous blog here 😉), you’ve mastered the game and want something new. Well, we have you covered! Here are 15 other word games to keep you entertained.

Here are the sections if you are only interested in games on a certain medium!


Though Waffle follows the same color scheme as Wordle when it comes to correct letters, the rest of the gameplay is quite different. You are given a grid (or more

accurately, waffle) of jumbled letters. The goal is to properly rearrange them into the 6 goal words. You are allowed a maximum of 15 letter swaps though they promise all puzzles can be done in just 10. It's a great game for those of you who want something just a bit different to start your day off with!

The New York Times is famous for its crossword puzzle database. A new one is published daily but you can also do all of the ones published over the last few decades! Though some are available for free (I believe the selection changes daily) in order to get full access you will, unfortunately, need to pay (€0.75 a month or €25 per year). In addition to the crosswords, the subscription also gives access to a few other games including Letter Box and Spelling Bee. While these crosswords are seriously addicting, you can also find a number of free crossword puzzles online if you would prefer not to pay, including from The Guardian.

The website for the Merriam-Webster English dictionary hosts a number of word and language-related quizzes and games! Their most recent quiz is all about the full meanings of different acronyms. There’s also a fun one on the Latin American origins of some English words. In addition to quizzes, you can test the strength of your vocabulary and do a number of spelling and vocabulary speed tests to keep your brain sharp. The website also has a number of word games including crosswords, Up and Down Words, and Jumble.

This favorite is now online! (Find the classic board game version here or here.) Boggle contains 16 “dice” with 6 sides of letters. Mix ‘em up, then do your best to find as many words as you can in 3 minutes! This online version allows for single-player modes or you can join in games with players around the world. You can also play on the classic 4x4 board or on a smaller 3x3. Another site allows 4x4 gameplay or 5x5, though it is only single-player.

Lexigo gives players a grid of hexagons with letters on them. Starting from the highlighted one, the goal is to twist your way through the letters to spell the word the clue points towards. Each round starts with the last letter of the previous solution and each day a whole game consists of 5 rounds. Luckily you can do the puzzles from previous days if you just can’t get enough! If you need a helping hand, the hint button will help you find the correct letter or get rid of an incorrect one. This simple game is a great way to keep your mind sharp.

“A word search game with a twist!” In Word Wipe you try to find words as quickly as possible before time runs out. Instead of the typical horizontal, vertical, and diagonal plays, in Word Wipe any connected letter in any direction is in play. Twist and turn around the board to knock out as many letters as you can, as fast as you can! How much of the board can you clear?

This game is set up like a classic crossword puzzle. However, instead of coming up with answers to clue questions, you need to unscramble anagrams! It’s a simple change that takes the game to another level.

A mix of a crossword puzzle and Sudoku! Instead of classic crossword hints, Codeword starts you off with a handful of letters already in the puzzle and a bank with the remaining letters needed to finish the crossword. The goal is to decipher the words as you go along! If you need help you can check your letter placements along the way.


Probably the most popular online Scrabble game! Stay connected with friends around the world through this fun game. (It’s a nerdy way to keep in touch after graduation.) As far as I know, the classic version is pretty much played exactly like scrabble, but Words with Friends 2 also has solo games against fictional characters. Both the solo and classic plays are updated regularly to have fun new themes. Don’t have space for the app? Online play is also available. (available on IOS and Android)

10) Wordscapes Uncrossed

In Wordscapes Uncrossed you are given 5-7 letters placed in a circle. Zig-zag between them to find as many words as you can. With over 3,00 levels that gradually increase in difficulty, you’ll never be bored! (available on IOS and Android) Word Connect is a very similar game. Also available on IOS and Android.

11) Knotwords

Another crossword variation, Knotwords tells you the letters that should be in specific sections of the puzzle. It’s your job to figure out what goes where within each of those sections. You need to make sure that every placement is a fit for words in all directions, as you would in any crossword puzzle. The more you get the hang of it, the easier completing each puzzle will be. It’s a wonderful brain teaser that really brings out your analytical skills (available on IOS and Android)

In Typeshift you sift through columns of letters (like padlock) in order to find a word. Once you make a word, those letters turn green. The goal is to make all letters green by finding all the words you can. As you play you hope to find special keywords since these will use the letters most efficiently and thus solve the puzzle faster. If you need help there are also clues to steer you in the right direction. I know this is all a bit hard to conceptualize, but if you go to the link above they have a handful of online puzzles you can get a better idea before downloading the app. (available on IOS and Android)

SpellTower is a strategy word game in which players use a jumble of letters to find words before the tower reaches the top of the screen, similar to Word Wipe above. You can use any connected letter to find words, and once a word is formed it and surrounding tiles fall off the screen. Naturally, long words are best but you don’t want to run out of time! Once you’re confident in your speedy word-finding skills you can battle against friends in Debate Mode. (available on IOS and Android)

14) Stop - Categories Word Game

A great mix of word games and trivia! In Stop the gameplay starts by spinning generating 5 random categories (brands, countries, dog breeds, etc). Next, you Spin a wheel to get a letter of the alphabet. Then you battle the clock to name something for each category that starts with that letter. Good news! If you get categories you know nothing about or a difficult letter you can spin again. This fast-paced game is great to play with friends and super addicting! (available on IOS and Android)

Wheel of Fortune is an American game show that is quite similar to the kids’ game Hangman, but of course with the chance to win lots of money and the elusive car! The show is iconic with its long-time hosts Pat Sajak and Vanna White and is finally available on Dutch Netflix! Several countries have also created their own versions of the show, though some are no longer running. Check out this link to see if a version of Wheel of Fortune is currently airing in your country. The US version has a few games online (such as the Wheel of Fortune Toss-Up Challenge) but there is also the Wheel of Fortune app in which you compete with friends and family to be the first to solve the puzzles! No more yelling at the screen when someone misses an obvious puzzle 😉(available on IOS and Android)

Board Games

Ok ok, we know you have all heard of this but sometimes it's good to visit ol’ reliable! This classic game that has you create a web of words as you build off of your opponents’ plays has also been adapted into a number of online versions (see Words With Friends above) but since we spend so much time online these days, it's nice to unplug for a bit and gather around with friends! There are also versions for a number of different languages which adjust the frequency of letters and their points depending on the makeup of the language.

17) Wordsy

Wordsy is a fast-paced game in which you are randomly given 8 letters that are assigned different point levels. The goal is to come up with a word that will earn the most points. Good news! You are not limited to the 8 letters given, but of course, it is advantageous to use as many of them as possible. This game has a genuine Zoe seal of approval, though unfortunately, I’ve only come across it in the UK so you’ll have to order it online.

In Rewordable players use their hand of cards to try to make the most complex words they can. The game contains 120 cards made up of the most common letters and letter combinations in English. To win you need to build the biggest lexicon! You can also play off the words of your opponents; if you add onto a word it becomes yours. Certain words and card combinations can earn you extra points using the reward tokens. Learn more here! (Also available here)

Quicktionary is a fast-paced game where players have to have sharp wits. Three piles of cards are placed in the center. Each card has a rule or category. The goal is to be the first to name something that fits all three cards. The game is easy to set up and great for parties since people can join in at any time and can be played with a large group. (Also available here)

For those of you who know the trivia game Linkee, this one is very similar. For each round, you must find the solutions to 5 questions/clues. However, instead of needing the connection between them like in Linkee, in Ansagrams the first letter of each answer is a letter in the final answer. So you need to have the right answers/first letters and put them in the right order. It sounds like a lot but we’re sure you’ll pick up on it quickly!

Bananagrams has players creating their own mini-grids of words from a collection of tiles. As you go through the game, you grab and swap tiles to build your grid. Throughout the game, you can change your grid in order to best fit your tiles, so no need to be frustrated by a word or two that have become obstacles. Once all of the tiles in the center are gone, the first to use all of their tiles wins! The Bananagrams website has a bunch of variations as well as a few other fun word games.

Did we miss your favorite? Be sure to leave it in the comments below! We know this post is very English-Centric --> we are currently working on a more diverse blog post about word games that cater to other languages. If you have a nice recommendation please let us know in the comments below, via social media, or via email!

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