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Welcome to Morphology: the Survivor's Guide to the new block

Updated: May 8, 2022

The intense period of transcription is over and with it died our fears of not passing. For all those who did not manage we send our eternal support - it was definitely not an easy block. Whatever happened though is in the past and now is the time to start our brand new subject, morphology. Many of us are not even done relaxing and might have not spent the longest time checking out the syllabus. As always, KAT-blad got you covered and in this week’s post we will provide some practical information about how this block is going to look like. You’re welcome.

Morphology block will take 8 weeks. During that time we’ll have one lecture a week (Monday, 13-15) and two seminars. If you still have problems with the assignment of your group or would like to change, then contact, as it is the contact given for the block. Moreover, the book that we’re going to use is called Understanding Morphology (2nd edition by Haspelmath & Sims 2013. We’ll only be doing chapters 1-9 and chapter 11, so for those of you who are not shitting money at the moment, here is the link to the pdf version:

Throughout the course we are supposed to understand the most important morphological concepts and phenomena. We are supposed to acquire necessary skills to perform morphological research and be able to report and analyse the results, using interlinear glossing (the Leipzig Glossary). During the lecture, our weekly material will be presented and explained. The complementary exercises corresponding to each chapter will be discussed and compared in class during Seminar 1. In Seminar 2 new concepts will be introduced, such as the Leipzig Glossary or graded assignments.

There will be only 2 graded assignments this block. These exploratory exercises are based on Language X and make up 40% of the final grade. In addition to these, there will be also one exploratory exercise on English and two comparative ones, which are not graded but must If you do not hand these in (graded and not graded ones) you shall be E X C L U D E D from taking the final written exam, so we strongly advise you to do so. The final written exam will be in week 8. According to, it will take place the 28th March (Thursday) from 1 to 3 PM in Tentamenzaal, USC Sporthal 1 in Sciencepark. In order to pass you need to obtain grade 5.5 or higher and the resits are on 31st May (Thursday) from 3 to 5 PM. The credits for the exploratory exercises will still count for the final grade and these cannot be re-done.

I hope this clarifies things a bit for you. Let’s all start studying now so we don’t drown in this shit later. We will be posting summaries and links to helpful sources, so make sure to check out our posts regularly. I wish all of us luck, strength and determination this block.



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