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The new and fresh KAT-blad

Updated: May 8, 2022

Fellow aspiring linguists,

We are extremely pleased to inform you that in the freshness of 2019, KAT-blad magazine starts over with a brand new team, as well as a brand new strategy of bringing our beloved subject closer to your undivided and precious attention. We are hyped, we are cool and we are definitely ready to deliver you the linguistic information you crave. But first things first.

Do you have an idea for an article? Do you have any suggestions ? Is there something you struggle with? Let us know! We want to create content you want to read!


KAT-blad, founded in the 1970s, is a magazine for the linguistics students at UvA. It comes out twice a year and includes articles and news, as well as BA theses, interviews and dope memes - all related to linguistics. Its last active member, Emma Kemp, finished her adventures at UvA after courageously keeping KAT-blad alive for the last 5 years. Fortunately enough, a brand new team was gathered and with that opportunity KAT-blad underwent major changes.

So what is new?

The magazine itself comes out twice a year, just like it used to. The main change is our online presence and interaction with our readers. From now on, KAT-blad will serve you fresh and steaming posts on our blog and share articles and videos not only specifically related to the BA Linguistics course, but also regarding various interesting linguistic topics that will not be covered during class. We want to not only help you with the work load and the understanding of the course (including its organisation), but we also want to inspire you and motivate you to become the best possible linguist you can be.

Stay tuned!

More relatable, helpful, informative and entertaining than ever, KAT-blad magazine is here. Let us know what interests you, troubles you and serves you on our social media or drop us an email. We will make sure to read each of your comments, messages and opinions carefully and create together a friendly platform for us young linguists to unite. Stay tuned for more, keep your IPA charts close and thank you so much for your attention and time.

With love,


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