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Become a writer for our Spring 2022 edition!

With a new year and a new semester, we can't wait to put the next edition of KAT Blad together for you! As you probably already know, here at KAT Blad, we want the final print to be a collaboration that is engaging and informative, and we are sure that is exactly what you all will bring to the table! This year, there will be a few changes that we hope will make the writing process easier for our writers.

Let’s get a few practicalities out of the way…

  • When is the deadline?

We hope to have all ideas (not necessarily completed papers!) submitted by early March.

  • Is there a word limit?

Nope! Typically submissions are only a few pages long (usually under five pages) however this is not a hard limit.

  • Can I include other media with my article?

Yes! If your article inspires you to create an illustration or an image to complement it, we would love to include those as well. Since we are also publishing online, we have the opportunity to add additional resources to the digital edition, such as audio files and videos. You can decide to include additional media with your work at any time during the process, so no need to have it all figured out when you submit your initial idea.

What sort of articles can I write?

For the upcoming edition, there is no particular theme in place. We want you to have the freedom and flexibility to write about whatever language or linguistics related topic your heart desires. This will ensure that in the final product, every reader can find something that is exactly right for them!

In the past we have published articles about…

  • Past and ongoing research conducted by staff and students at UvA

  • Developments in the field of linguistics

  • Language communities

  • Features of a particular language

  • Language acquisition

  • Language or linguistics in pop culture

And much more!

Get creative and show us what you are passionate about! If you need help with an idea or want some inspiration, you can get in touch with us or check out our previous editions on our website.

I want to submit an article! What should I do?

We are so glad you want to write for KAT Blad! Please get in touch with us via social media (Instagram or Facebook) or email us at to let us know and tell us more about your ideas! You don’t need to come to us with a finished article right away (though if you happen to have one done, that’s great too!), you can just send us the topic or the idea.

What if I have an idea for a great piece but I’m not sure how to organise my ideas or where to start?

Whether writing for a course or for fun, writer’s block is real. That’s why we want to provide writing support so you can make your vision come to life. We are always here to give feedback and would be more than happy to schedule a time to help you with the writing process. Just get in touch and together we can publish the best version of your work!

We hope this makes the process clearer and motivates you to pick up the pen - or open your laptop! Feel free to reach out at any time with questions or to chat about your ideas.

Till next time :)

The KAT Blad Team

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