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Are you ready for the next round?

Updated: Nov 9, 2022

Guten Tag aus München dear readers!

I hope you’re all enjoying this weekend and making sure to recharge your batteries for next week! Us linguistic students surely need it, as the next semester of this academic year is starting on Monday, February 4th.

First-years - this means that you are officially halfway through your first year!

Second-years - this marks the halfway point of your bachelor!

Give yourself a pat on the back, 'cause you’ve done so well.

In the next block, second-year students will be attending the Second Language Acquisition (SLA) and Language and Speech Disorders (LSD 😉) courses.

SLA will be taught by Josje Verhagen and Anna Pot. This course aims at examining how children and adults learn a second language (L2) and looks at the developmental stages and how becoming bilingualism may affect a person's cognition. Let’s brace ourselves for the L2 acquisition theories because surely they will divide up the classroom...

Have you bought your book yet? If not then you can order it through this link at Athenaeum:

LSD will be taught by Ileana Grama, who we already met in Psycholinguistics (block 2). The course material mainly consists of hand-outs which include articles and chapters given to us by Ileana. The course focuses on both developmental and acquired speech impairments. Developmental impairments can be related to a learning disability or a cognitive deficit, while acquired impairments can be the result of dementia, surgery, or diseases such as throat cancer. We will also be examining clinical symptoms and how impairments can be addressed and treated. The disorders that will are discussed will be shown to us through visual and auditory material as well!

Personally, I’m really looking forward to these two courses - are you?!



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